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Opening Hand
Braash Beegeela
Three Paces
Peat Poetry
LIttle Tune
Bhadd Eyo
Fate Of All Earthly Things
Nah No Nah Nay
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 REVIEW by Gideon Freudmann

Neomythic - David Longey's Global Banjo Trances

The Stranglers, a truly original band that defied classification, insisted on calling themselves "musicians". Beyond that they rejected labels. David Longey's music is even more difficult to pigeon-hole. On his 2nd CD, Neomythic, he travels in a dreamlike way from Appalachia to Mongolia by way of San Francisco. But he doesn't stop at any of the usual haunts.

Banjo is the predominant instrument on this collection of short timeless tunes. Adding some vocals (more sounds than words), acoustic guitar and mouth harp, you can hear the calming, gently psychedelic influences of Syd Barrett and John Fahey. It's still the 60s in Dave's sonic world - but is it 1967 in Haight-Ashbury or 1667 in a Chinese fishing village ? Or is it a Tibetan ritual prayer from a thousand years ago? The common link throughout is a peaceful, trance-like quality which permeates the entire recording despite the brevity of the tunes, most of which are under two and half-minutes long.

Dave Longey is an extraordinary visual artist. He is a wiz with pen and ink, a builder of model spaceships and snow caves. He is a computer expert that can solve all-things-Mac and can Photohop you till you Drop. Mr Longey's technical savvy is used to good effect on this recording. Though he is not steeped in music study or studio recording technique, Dave makes good use of reverb that is so wet you could bathe in it, stereo panning that would make Jimi smile, and pitch-shifted vocals that create other-wordly effects. It's an atmosphere that lulls you into a dream - and like a dream, it makes more sense while you are in it then when you try to explain it later. This music takes several unexpected turns and it doesn't adhere to the usual structures and trappings of the vast majority of new records (major and indie alike). What you have here is an original collection of gentle, eerie, tunes that say as much about the human experience as any CD the so-called pros are making. And for that, Neomythic belongs in in your music collection, filling a void you didn't know existed.

- Gideon Freudmann